Friday, April 5, 2013

$623.19 Deposited in my Checking Account

Finance and Frugality Friday

How great that I had a surprise deposit in my checking account today! My new company offers a Flex Spending Account so that I can get "reimbursed" for medical expenses that aren't covered by insurance. Every paycheck they withhold a small amount of my money before taxes. Then I fill out a form and submit receipts for health care items that Rob or I have made. This is the first time I've used it. My $350 dental night guard and two pairs of eyeglasses added up to $623.19.

Now I understand that I already spent this money. I had to pay for these items out of pocket weeks and weeks ago. But how nice to fill out a form and get the money from pre-tax dollars that I've earned! We can use the money for co-pays or chiropractic care and I think maybe even for over the counter allergy meds and such.

What on earth am I going to do with this money? Buy new shoes and some clothes for our trip to London and Paris in a couple of weeks. Yahoo!!!

Sep 29, 1983

The bad and the good of being 12 years old and getting my first boyfriend but also getting busted for pinching money from Step Mom's change jar.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

September 24, 1983

We Rearranged the Living Room Furniture

Homemaking Thursday

O.M.G. I still can't believe how much fun Mora and I had last night. We rolled up the living room rug and vacuumed and cleaned the wood underneath. Then we swapped the locale of the sofa and the love seat. It reminded me of those boring, childhood Saturdays were my sister and I would lazily turn to each other and say "Wanna switch rooms?" The squealing with excitement would begin and the day would be spent moving and arranging and rearranging and consulting. "Should this mirror hang here, so I can quick check my hair if someone rings the doorbell; or here, so I can see me whole outfit before school?" These topics would be discussed for hours before we each were ready to settle into our new walls. And speaking of walls, Shaun Cassidy and Michael Jackson and Joan Jett adorned the walls for so many years. What I wouldn't do to have that single 45 of "Jessie's Girl" back again. It's just not the same using the click wheel and finding it, ya know?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And We're Baaaack. Health and Wellness Wednesday

The whole house has been sick for the last month. Sinus infections, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, you-name-it symptoms. But I have been immune. The hand washing and gargling with salt water has kept me immune. Until it didn't. But that's not the focus of today's post-that I got sick in spite of my fabulous healthy habits. The focus of today's post is pee.

I said it. Pee. For the last week, every time I sneezed or had a coughing fit, I peed my pants. Sometimes just a little and sometimes a lot. Now, I can't say this hasn't been a problem my whole life because it has. Laughing hysterically? Peeing. Throwing up? Peeing. I finally learned that when I need to throw up I have to sit on the toilet for the pee and hold a bucket on my lap for the puke.

Why don't I do kegels? Or, more accurately, why don't I do kegels regularly and to better effect? I have those LELO luna beads and I tried them once and I think I pushed them up too far because it was like having a tampon in. Couldn't feel it at all and so how much exercising could've been happening?

The sum up here is that I've learned nothing. Well, nothing except that sneezing is a two-step process. Step one-tighten your kegels so you don't pee. Step two-sneeze without peeing. Or maybe sneeze with peeing. Either way, being sick sucks.

Journal Entry from Sep 23, 1983

The joyful musings of the 12 year-old. It's easy to forget that I was really, very happy most of the time.