Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Rearranged the Living Room Furniture

Homemaking Thursday

O.M.G. I still can't believe how much fun Mora and I had last night. We rolled up the living room rug and vacuumed and cleaned the wood underneath. Then we swapped the locale of the sofa and the love seat. It reminded me of those boring, childhood Saturdays were my sister and I would lazily turn to each other and say "Wanna switch rooms?" The squealing with excitement would begin and the day would be spent moving and arranging and rearranging and consulting. "Should this mirror hang here, so I can quick check my hair if someone rings the doorbell; or here, so I can see me whole outfit before school?" These topics would be discussed for hours before we each were ready to settle into our new walls. And speaking of walls, Shaun Cassidy and Michael Jackson and Joan Jett adorned the walls for so many years. What I wouldn't do to have that single 45 of "Jessie's Girl" back again. It's just not the same using the click wheel and finding it, ya know?

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