Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And We're Baaaack. Health and Wellness Wednesday

The whole house has been sick for the last month. Sinus infections, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, you-name-it symptoms. But I have been immune. The hand washing and gargling with salt water has kept me immune. Until it didn't. But that's not the focus of today's post-that I got sick in spite of my fabulous healthy habits. The focus of today's post is pee.

I said it. Pee. For the last week, every time I sneezed or had a coughing fit, I peed my pants. Sometimes just a little and sometimes a lot. Now, I can't say this hasn't been a problem my whole life because it has. Laughing hysterically? Peeing. Throwing up? Peeing. I finally learned that when I need to throw up I have to sit on the toilet for the pee and hold a bucket on my lap for the puke.

Why don't I do kegels? Or, more accurately, why don't I do kegels regularly and to better effect? I have those LELO luna beads and I tried them once and I think I pushed them up too far because it was like having a tampon in. Couldn't feel it at all and so how much exercising could've been happening?

The sum up here is that I've learned nothing. Well, nothing except that sneezing is a two-step process. Step one-tighten your kegels so you don't pee. Step two-sneeze without peeing. Or maybe sneeze with peeing. Either way, being sick sucks.

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