Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday - I Got Fired

Finance and Frugality Friday

Well, maybe not fired, as I knew it was coming. But yeah, fired. Yesterday we finally got the official news that I've known about for a few weeks now. Luckily for me I've already been hired by the new company and I'll be working remotely (from home) but it still is always embarrasing and humiliating to be fired. Even if it's happening to all of us in the office.

And the very best part? They haven't paid me. I'm now owed for 107 hours. This is not a good feeling at all.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday - My Body Feels Good

Health and Wellness Wednesday

My dear friend got me a pass to her gym for a week. It's a beautiful, fancy gym that I could never afford to join. But I'm determined to use this free pass. I went Sunday and then again Monday. Tuesday was New Year's Day and the gym was open very limited hours and I was very tired and hung over. So today is Wednesday and I have renewed dedication.

Going to the gym at 11:30am. Mora is going with me. She's taking a spin class (not my thing) and I'll use the cardio equipment. The best part is having a quiet room to use after for stretching and meditation.


Why didn't I finish this post earlier? I've been to the gym and Mora convinced me to take a spin class with her. Whatever. It was OK. Blllaaaahahhhahaahahah. Then we went out for a salad and felt superior in our post-workout glow. But we talked about some fun, important fitness things. We've set a dinner time. Tonight it's 6pm. Because when you have a dinnertime then you can plan your eating. That's a good thing.

This post is sucky and boring. Try again tomorrow.