Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 3 Is The Hardest Day

The Woman I Want To Be Tuesday

Leo Babuata from zenhabits.net says to start a new habit make it super easy and concentrate on nothing but that one teeny, tiny goal for one month. I've decided that my goal is to do yoga moves and meditate and stretch my body in a quiet room for 10 minutes a day. I have no specific list of moves that I do. I just take off my glasses and start doing a bit of yoga flow. I breathe in and out and I try to be present. I sit and do a few stretches that include some twisting moves. Then I put on my glasses and check the clock. Usually 7 minutes has passed. I get to say USUALLY here because I'm proud to announce that today I did this for the third day in a row. Yeah, me! Anyway, when I'm done stretching and yoga-ing and I've got a few minutes left, I sit up with my back flat against the wall and I meditate. I sit quietly with my eyes closed and breathe in and out and repeat to myself "health and wealth and happiness" until I think my 3 minutes is up. This isn't the only way to meditate, but of now, it's mine.

Day three has always been the hardest for me with a new habit. "Whatever, I can do it anytime" is my constant inner monologue. Screw that. I'm doing it Leo's way and I'm going to be accountable right here.