Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday - 7 days of Magic Number 5

Health and Wellness Wednesday

This has to be public. If you recall there are criteria.

My report card:

5 hours of exercise - done. Easy peasy between walking the dogs and hitting the treadmill on my lunch hour and also a fabulous yoga class.

5 days no booze - 4 days no booze. I enjoyed 2 glasses of wine during a weeknight movie with Rob and our regular cocktail consumption on Friday and Saturday nights.

5 mini meals a day - not working out so well. Easy while I'm sitting at my desk at work. Coffee at 7:30am. Then a banana a couple of hours later. Then a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal with blueberries mid-afternoon. Then I get home and I have 2 more eating sessions available but I have a bit of dinner and that's it. Might need to rethink this one.

5 minutes meditation a day - I only did 2 days. Why is it so difficult to go into a room, sit down, and be quiet for 5 minutes? Geeze.

All right, let's take a breath and start again. This week I will meditate (sit quietly and breathe in and out) for 5 minutes each and every day. Period.

How are you doing? Meeting your goals? Coming up short, like me? We re-dedicate ourselves here, every week.


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