Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday - Stop Spending Money. Seriously.

Finance and Frugality Friday

I'm feeling very poor. The bills have come in from the bathroom remodel and I'm a bit panicked. Rob is unconcerned, but I realize how much control I have. Go back to the basics. Eat our of the frig. Skip the trip to Target. Put off all non-necessary purchases. Have no-money fun.

Mora wants my new Crocs. They're pink and lined with faux fur and she wears them all the time. Ordinarily I'd just order her a pair for herself so she can stop being a little thief and stealing my shit. But for now, while I'm feeling this poor, she gets to keep "borrowing" my stuff. Whatever. It's cool because yesterday she emptied the dishwasher.

In unrelated news - Rob and I booked out hotel for London today. What's that? I'm a total hypocrite? Yeah, got it. Four nights in a Marriott in London in April. So excited I am.

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