Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday - My Body Feels Good

Health and Wellness Wednesday

My dear friend got me a pass to her gym for a week. It's a beautiful, fancy gym that I could never afford to join. But I'm determined to use this free pass. I went Sunday and then again Monday. Tuesday was New Year's Day and the gym was open very limited hours and I was very tired and hung over. So today is Wednesday and I have renewed dedication.

Going to the gym at 11:30am. Mora is going with me. She's taking a spin class (not my thing) and I'll use the cardio equipment. The best part is having a quiet room to use after for stretching and meditation.


Why didn't I finish this post earlier? I've been to the gym and Mora convinced me to take a spin class with her. Whatever. It was OK. Blllaaaahahhhahaahahah. Then we went out for a salad and felt superior in our post-workout glow. But we talked about some fun, important fitness things. We've set a dinner time. Tonight it's 6pm. Because when you have a dinnertime then you can plan your eating. That's a good thing.

This post is sucky and boring. Try again tomorrow.




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