Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday - A Good Example

Finance and Frugality Friday

Tonight Rob and I will continue our tradition of being frugal while spending our time and money on what we truly value. We meet our best friends at our local Thai restaurant. Do we eat dinner there? Oh my, no. This place is famous for the most fabulous martinis. Rob gets the Lychee fruit, Sammie and I get something called a Wedding Cake, and Stan always goes for the traditional dirty vodka martini. With a generous tip, this outing costs us $25 per couple. Then we head over to Stan and Sammie's place. We throw a tri-tip on the grill, eat plenty of chips and salsa, and enjoy Sammie's famous mixed green salad. We gather around their fire pit for general merriment and then head down to the rec room for playing a bit of pool - we prefer 9 ball. If we need a cab to get safely home that'll cost us $20.

We do this almost every weekend because we love it. We get the cool environment of the bar scene that we love without the high cost usually associated with such evenings. We get to eat good food and enjoy good friends. We take turns hosting so the food cost is minimal.

Some (okay many) people disagree with this approach. They choose to rarely socialize or never enjoy a drink in a bar. But Rob and I and our friends have chosen this style fully informed. This is what we want. This is what we value.

What do you do about socializing on a budget?

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