Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday - Rethinking Chores

Homemaking Thursday

I have a list of chores:


o   Vacuum bedroom/bath

o   Mop master bath

o   Dust bedroom

o   Empty bed/bath trash

o   Vacuum kitchen

o   Mop kitchen tile

o   Mop pad to laundry


o   vacuum all wood

o   bona all wood

o   bona pad to laundry

o   Clean tv screens

o   Dust living room

o   Leather wipes in living room

o   Empty house trash

o   Trash to curb


o   clean kitchen table

o   Remove nose prints kitchen

o   Wash dog water dishes


o   Clean out fridge

o   Plan future meals

o   Plan shopping

o   Remove nose prints dr


o   Pick up dog poop

o   Vacuum house

o   Empty kitchen trash


o   Launder linens

o   Make bed

o   Clean master shower

o   Straighten laundry room

o   Check all cleaners

But these items very rarely get done on these days. In fact, most of the time they never get done. At least not weekly. So, does realizing that I'm not following my list mean I should revisit my plan? Should I just try and honor my own rhythms and routines? If I did that then weekdays would only be for laundry, meal prep, and daily kitchen clean up. Then the weekends would be for all the other crap.

If I do this then that means I need to make a new list. Best idea ever!

How do you handle your weekly home chores? A big sweep on one day or spread out over the week?


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