Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday - Eating the Food I Already Own

Finance and Frugality Friday

One of my most favorite and most frequent money-saving ventures is called let's-eat-out-of-the-frig. No matter how I plan, there always seem to be this abundance of food in the refrigerator, but no specific meal planned. So Rob and I eat out of the frig. He gets a quesadilla and uses the last bit of the avocado and the leftover barbecued chicken and I'll eat the hard-boiled egg and carrots dipped in bleu cheese dressing. Dinner is served.

I also try to plan for meals based on what we have. Ever done this? You're walking around Costco or the market and you spy something wonderfu. Maybe it's those spinach-filled pasta things or a couple of cans of chili. And then 6 months later the pasta is still in the freezer and that chili hasn't budged in the pantry. So when I'm trying to meal plan, I open up the freezer and the pantry and see what I've got. Last week I found a bag of Barilla tortellini that said "Dinner for 2 in 10 minutes!" that Rob brought home months ago and a jar of pasta sauce and lo and behold in the freezer was a half bag of frozen peas. The dinner that followed wasn't that great, but we ate it and I also had a serving the next day at lunch.

So make some cornbread to go with that chili and eat the food you already own!

How do you keep your freezer and pantry from being clogged with long-forgotten purchases?



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