Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday - Zen Weekend

Marriage and Relationship Monday

Last week I determined to cut back on complaining and enjoy my relationships and my home more. Wow, I did a great job at this! Specifically yesterday. I awoke early feeling refreshed and energized. I spent the day in my kitchen. I rearranged. I de-cluttered. I made better use of my limited cupboard space. I cleaned. I organized.

And in between these many, many moments of introspection I chatted with Rob and Morah. I went into the back yard with the dogs and tossed the ball around a bit. I addressed some holiday cards. I interacted. I enjoyed my home and the people in it. A couple of neighbors dropped by and I chatted with them.

It's wonderful to feel this way. Spending my time and energy enjoying my home and paying attention to myself and those around me feeds my soul.

I also watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those babes are crazy.

How was your weekend? Were you crazed and rushed or did you get to relax and enjoy? Or maybe did you get to do both?



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