Monday, November 26, 2012

Mora Moves In

Marriage and Relationship Monday

Happy Monday after my extended holiday break. In the past 2 weeks major changes have happened at our house. Our new master bathroom is complete and fabulous. Big Dog and Little Dog are happy that the workers are gone. But the biggest change is Mora. She's our dear friend we met a few years ago who grew up, went to college, and then lived most of her 20s in the same town. When we relocated away from her we offered to let her move in with us if she'd ever like to try her luck in a new town. And she did it.

After 18 months of thinking about it she quit her go-nowhere job, kissed her college friends goodbye, and loaded her wardrobe and photo albums into her Honda Accord and set off to drive to over 2000 miles all by herself. She arrived on our doorstep exhausted and exhilarated.

A special welcome to our new family member, Mora. How will a new person affect my marriage and relationships? Stay tuned.

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