Monday, October 29, 2012

The Kardashian Konfession

I love Keeping Up with them. I admit it. Call it a guilty pleasure. Call it morbid fascination. I love it. As a group, they fascinate. I will not apologize. I also love Secret Life of the American Teenager, Jersey Shore, Tosh.0, but not Mrs. Eastwood and Company. I've recently changed my channel package with Direct TV so I no longer get to see Tori and Dean and whatever they're doing and I miss them. Do you think they miss me?
It's making me smile just thinking about my reality TV friends. But then I frown.  There is one way in which I believe, I truly believe, that these people (and the K-Klan is the worst) are making us more stupid.  The improper use of the phrase "…and I."

"Mom invited Lamar and I over to the house for dinner."

No. No, you Fucktard. "Mom invited Lamar and me over to the house for dinner."

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