Monday, October 29, 2012

Retail Marriage Therapy

Marriage and Relationships Monday

Rob and I had a great weekend. We saw friends. We spent time alone. We enjoyed and we relaxed. But then why do I get so annoyed when I see him sitting on the couch, with football on, squinting at his phone? He says he's "reading an article." I'm sure he is. But why, instead of putting on his glasses, does he squint at that teeny little screen? And why do I care?

And was it just a coincidence that he went on and on and on about the Kindle Fire HD it's-the-greatest-they've-really-set-the-standard-blah-blah? It seems I've solved my little dilemma.

It upsets me to see my honey so squinty and pathetic when he wants to read about his beloved San Diego Chargers while watching his San Diego Chargers on the love seat that we had to re-order three times just to get the fabric right.

So I will open up my wallet and buy him a Kindle Fire. I make myself happy by making him happy. When did I transport myself to 1957?

And of course the real question is, what can he buy me that equally as extravagant? I'll put some thought into that and get back to you.

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