Monday, July 15, 2013

My Favorite Things My Friends With Children Have Uttered

Marriage and Relationship Monday

Rob and I don't have kids. Our dearest friends, Stan and Sammie, do. I'm going to skip all of the boring reasons why Rob and I chose not to parent. And I'm also going to skip the obligatory they're-great-parents fawning over Stan and Sammie.

Socializing with Stan and Sammie practically every weekend and even taking a few weekenders with them, I have come to appreciate their parent-isms that I've heard. Some of them are uttered with impatience, others with envy. Some are uttered while drunk and others are the musings of the sober.

"You don't understand. You don't have kids."
"Why did we have kids? They're so annoying."
"Where are the kids?"
"You two should've had kids."
"You two are so lucky you never had kids."
"Let's drink at our house. We couldn't get a sitter."
"The sitter cancelled. Let's drink at our place."
"If you come to our place we won't have to pay for a sitter."
"My kids don't like you."
"Why don't you like my kids?"
"When they misbehave, we threaten the kids that they'll have to go live with you."
"My kids love you so much."
"You are so great with my kids. Why didn't you have your own?"
"Why do you love my kids? They're so annoying."

What are your favorite things your friends with kids, friends without kids, or friends with kids the exact same age as yours, have said?


  1. "You can't move away, kittie will be sad."

  2. Ahhh, yes. Parents and pet owner alike tend to project their emotions onto their children and pets. Check out today's post for how women should be kinder to one another.

  3. Threatening to send the kids to you guys would never work. My kids would love to leave us and spend time with Auntie Grey-Grey and Rob!!!

    1. Jeff, your kids are so much better than Stan and Sammie's! Thanks for the vote of confidence.