Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is the Color of My Skin

The Woman I Want to Be Tuesday

Ok, America and the beauty industry and the celebrities and my friends under 30, I have something to say to you. This is the color of my skin. My face? Yeah, this is the color it is. My legs? This is the color of my legs. When Annette Bening's character in The Women was asked by a pushy salesgirl if she might be interested in a "face lift in a bottle" she retorted (to my utter delight) "This is my face. Deal with it."

Stop telling me I need "glow." Stop telling me I "need some color." I have color. This is it. I do not need more or less or anything else. Do you tell Taylor Swift that she needs to darken? Do you tell Eva Mendes that she needs to lighten?

Rant over.

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