Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday - Big Changes for Grey

The Woman I Want to Be Tuesday

Today I am anxious and excited and relaxed and full of Christmas cheer. Over the weekend Rob and I went to see a local musical production of A Christmas Carol. At first I thought it was super-cheesy but then something happened. The music and the accents and that Tiny Tim with his little crutch and his little lisp and the 2 glasses of wine I had a t dinner all conspired to make my heart grow until fill to capacity with Christmas spirit. Aaaawww. 

Then my boss comes to me and says my job is being shifted so that I may work from home. Did you hear me? I get to work from home! I'm kvelling with excitement! I anticipated being told that they really don't need me anymore - but instead I get told that they anticipate needing me for at least another year (yeah!) and that I'll be working remotely from home. No more dry cleaning. No more commute to a building where I have no control over the thermostat. No more excruciating planning and packing lunches so I can save calories and money by not eating at restaurants. No more coming home from the office and feeling too lazy to run the vacuum.

By mid-January this should be in effect so I only have a couple of weeks to enjoy the anticipation. Until then I'll enjoy the holidays with Rob and Mora and doggies.

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