Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pay Attention

Health and Wellness Wednesday

I was going to call this Workout Wednesday but I didn't want to limit the topic to exercise. What's the deal with me not wanting to exercise? It's so counterintuitive. I enjoy exercising (sort of) and I loooooove the way I feel after exercise. So what's the problem? Laziness? Sure, that's a big part of it. I am the Queen of skipping it.

But let's be positive. The big thing I have integrated into my life is the dog walk. I walk the dogs every day. It's an odd day when I don't. And if I skip a day I absolutely cannot skip the next day. The dogs will not allow it. While they're as lazy as I am, they require that I walk them. Is this the classic female thing of I'll-take-care-of-everyone-else-before-I-take-care-of-myself? I suppose so.

So, instead of berating myself for not working out as much as I should, I've decided to take the next few weeks and simply observe my exercise inclinations. I had very vague workouts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week and they both got blown off. Today my gym bag is packed and in the car and there's a step 'n tone class at the gym at 4:30pm. I loved it last week - especially how my body felt the next day.

So I'm paying attention.


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