Thursday, October 25, 2012

Never Shop Hungry

Of course never shop hungry. When I shop for groceries when I'm hungry I come home with 17 different kinds of breads. Hot dog buns but no hot dogs (I can spread peanut butter on them - yum!), danish, croissants, sliced sourdough, whole wheat, oh my gawd, are those english muffins? I love english muffins! It gets out of control really fast. 

Rob (also known as The Hubby) and I went to our local gourmet, fancy schmancy market last weekend. But we went out to lunch first. We wandered aimlessly around this fabulous store with the organic produce and the fresh bakery. We went by the meat counter and then headed to the deli with the beautiful prepared sushi and sandwiches. Nothing. No reaction.

Why are we here? Nothing looks good. I'm tired. Let's go home and take a nap. Why do we need to buy food? This is dumb. I have an episode of Married to Jonas on the DVR.
So, in conclusion, I guess the new wisdom is never shop hungry and never shop full. That'll help me drop thos lbs.

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