Monday, April 8, 2013

Living with Mora and Rob... the Good, the Bad, and the Sexy

Marriage and Relationship Monday

The three of us have been sharing this house now for more than 4 months. Mora is in love with the boy she was casually dating when she left California, Turner. He came out here to visit and they've been hot and heavy ever since. She has brought a sexuality to the house that wasn't here before. She's young and gorgeous and sexy and fabulous. Do I have a fear that she will draw the eye of my Rob? Yes. Instead, the sexually charged environment means more affection for me. I get lots of physical attention from Mora; she and I have always had that girl-on-girl grabby friendship. "Is that a new bra? Lemmee see! OOoooh, your boobs are fab!"
Rob has morphed into Mora's older brother/father figure. I have to remember that he's 21 years older than she. And he's faithful to me.
Mora got a job. She's down in Montgomery doing her training. So Rob and I have the house to ourselves this week. Rob's over the sinus infection he had and he took the opportunity to do all sorts of grown-up things to me the second she left town.

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