Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday - Working from Home

Homemaking Thursday

Wow. I'm going to be working from home. How is this going to work? How do I separate my paid work from my unpaid homemaking? Will I intertwine them? Re-reading my past posts, I want to make sure I find and honor my own rhythms. I love the idea of taking good care of home, but that's never really realized itself as me scrubbing baseboards, ya know?

Based on my past experiences when I wasn't working, I can imagine my day being very disjointed. Work at paid work until I feel distracted and then have a nice list of domestic tasks to do when I need to wander around.

And what about my wife? When my friend Mora moved in I wrote about how wonderful it was to have her around to do the occasional chore. But for the last week or two she's been sleeping later and later (presumably because she's staying up later and later) and we're all doing a really good job keeping our house clutter to a minimum. So no wife available or really needed to do chores. 

Let's see what the new year brings, shall we?


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