Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every Wife Needs a Wife

Homemaking Thursday

Now that our wonderful friend Mora has moved into our guest suite I am reaping the benefits. I have a list on the side of the frig that lists each day of the week and the associated homemaking chores specific to that day. Mora saw the list and did the Wednesday chores! <gasp> I'm almost speechless with happiness.

Because let's get real. Rob is a great husband. He's kind and generous and he loves me and the dogs and our home. But he has never, ever done a domestic chore without being asked first. Never. So for me to come home after working all day at my boring desk job and have the doggie nose prints cleaned from the back door and the kitchen trash emptied made my heart sing.  I feel like I have a wife. Is this what it's like to have a wife? This is great! I highly recommend everyone have a wife at home.

I wonder how I can get her to make a nice tuna casserole for dinner tonight?



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